Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Deal with annoying hernia

Hernia can not be ignored

Hernia, not a serious illness, but was ignored, there will be adverse effects on the baby.

1. Hernia will first affect the baby's digestive system, prone to the lower abdomen bulge, abdominal distention gas, abdominal pain, constipation, poor nutrient absorption, fatigue and physical decline and so on.

2. As the groin and adjacent to the urogenital system, male baby may be affected by herniated disc, squeezing the normal development of testes.

3. As the bowel within the hernia sac or omentum vulnerable to compression or collision caused by inflammatory swelling, resulting in a hernia can not return to its original place, leading to hernia incarcerated (stuck in there, affecting blood flow), and occurred bowel obstruction, intestinal necrosis, abdominal pain and other dangerous situations.

There are two types of Hernia, occurred in the umbilical is called umbilical gas, occurred in the groin called the inguinal hernia. Main reason for the emergence of hernia is due to defects in embryonic development. In other words, the human body has a layer of film to wrap around a variety of organs. However, if this layer of film development is incomplete, large intestine and the like softer stuff is easy to come out from this gap when baby cry or cough

Inguinal hernia

What is inguinal hernia?

Inguinal hernia is a relatively common pediatric diseases, the incidence is about 3%. Boys have about 5-10 times than girls do. The children with intra-abdominal pressure or premature babies are more likely to have inguinal hernia, such as frequent constipation baby. If the elevated mass was found at belly stocks, and some may even be swollen to the scrotum. Most of these lumps are crying, coughing, sneezing, or vigorous exercise after a long stand up suddenly, but after lying down or rest will disappear naturally, sometimes hand it to press back. A simple pain caused by hernia, usually not very obvious, but if persistent groin pain took place, while mass can not be pressed back, and the duration of symptoms lasts for 2-3 days, there may be due to fall into the intestines, fallopian tubes and other necrosis . This is a very serious complication, there may be life-threatening danger.

1. Hernia occurs, allowing your baby lying down immediately and appropriate booster lower body, generally for a hernia will disappear; or hand gently pushed back to intra-abdominal mass.

2. If the "balloon" is very hard and they can not back on the abdominal cavity, have vomiting, abdominal pain, fever, should immediately see doctor for surgical treatment, to avoid intestinal necrosis leading to life-threatening sepsis.

Umbilical gas

What is the umbilical gas?

Umbilical gas usually occurs in infancy. Umbilical gas is very small, only accommodate a small finger, umbilical hernia caused from the fetal abdominal wall development incomplete, while the remaining latch is rather poor, but also did not close well. Such a hernia, low birth weight and premature children are more likely to occur.

1. Do not use tape or copper pressure. There are many people think that using a copper or tape to press down and paste up can help it get better. In fact this approach simply ineffective in many cases may also cause skin allergic reaction to the tape.

2. Umbilical gas will be self-limiting, before age of 1 it will be better. With increasing age, the opportunity o fself-limiting will reduce, but still some of the larger hernia until we go up 5 to 6 years of age.

3. If the umbilical gas does not get better, it is recommended to wait until 3-4 years of age to see a doctor, follow medical treatment.

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